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Concrete Sidewalk Construction & Repair

The strength of concrete and its durability find its application not only in construction but also in landscape design. Let’s find out the main benefits of this solution and the main ways Green Arch Construction can help you with its implementation.

 Concrete Sidewalk Repair in Dallas

Concrete Sidewalk Repair in Dallas

Concrete Sidewalk Construction Pros

  • strength and durability;
  • this is a simple technology, however, it must be observed;
  • low cost;
  • the ability to create any configuration.
  • this is a capital construction, it can not be disassembled and moved to another location.

Causes of the Destruction of Concrete

Even the strongest concrete elements are subject to destruction under the influence of factors:

  • an initially incorrect ratio of components in the preparation of concrete;
  • oxidation of reinforcing materials under the influence of climate and melting salts influence;
  • penetration of moisture through microcracks into the body of concrete, which causes wear of the structure;
  • excess of mechanical loads above the limit values for a particular substrate;
  • mechanical damage during operation.
 Concrete Sidewalk Repair in Texas

Concrete Sidewalk Repair in Texas

Regardless of the type and origin of the damage, in most cases, a concrete sidewalk can be repaired and the bearing capacity of the structure can be restored.

The Ways We Can Help

Green Arch Construction offers modern solutions to a number of tasks:

  • surface leveling;
  • protection of reinforcement against metal corrosion;
  • restoration of concrete surfaces;
  • solutions based on the epoxy resin used in injection restoration of concrete;
  • compositions for surface protection after repair, if necessary – for decoration.

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“Driveway and sidewalk work. They were great, professional, satisfied with results. Would highly recommend!”

“I would highly recommend Green Arch Construction for any driveway or sidewalk repair project, and will continue to use them on my projects!”

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