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What Type of Concrete Is the Best for My Project?

Concrete Services in Dallas, TX

Concrete Services in Dallas, TX

Building and construction processes can be challenging in a number of reasons. You may hesitate in terms of the construction site, materials, workers, etc. We have come up with this article in order for you not to question yourself about the best suitable concrete because we are going to tell you how to choose one!

Do not worry, because it is not going to be a long read, get yourself ready for some basic steps to follow in order to pick the best type of concrete for your project, regardless of what you are building!

Step #1: Be aware of all the basic design mixes of concrete presented on the market!

You are probably familiar that there are a lot of various types, strengths, and compositions of concrete that you may use for different purposes! Focus on the strength that is expressed in PSI and pick the right concrete mixes that will suit your project! Note, that normal concrete mixes may range from 2500 PSI to 5000 PSI.

Step #2: Find out the features of the concrete you will be applying!

There are several important things for you to learn in order to place and finish the concrete properly, make sure, that you checked them all:

  • Pay attention to the recommended slump range!
  • Save some costs by using fly ash content if possible.
  • Increase your concrete function and characteristics by adding proper chemical admixtures.

Step #3: Go ahead and check all the possible concrete finishes for the maximum result!

You may have already thought about plain or smooth finishes that can be executed on the concrete, however, do not underestimate some other existing techniques as the broom, salt, exposed aggregate, and embossed concrete.

Step #4: If you feel like you need a piece of advice – go for it!

Consulting with your local professionals may be useful as well! Green Arch Construction company, for example, will definitely help you in defining the concrete you need for your project!

Step #5: Adding some color may work best for you!

If you still think that concrete is a grey material, c’mon, you live in the 21st century! You may use the concrete of almost any color you could possibly dream of!

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